Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer's Here...

And the living is easy! Summer in New England is short and sweet.

Except for the four years we lived in Ohio, my family spent most of our time in Darien, Connecticut. Darien is on the southwestern coast of the state and has two beaches: Weed Beach and Pear Tree Point. We used to visit both beaches, but Weed Beach was closer and a short distance to Noroton Yacht Club, so we most often went there.

I fondly remember a few days during my summer breaks from college when I didn't have to work: I would fall out of bed, put on my suit, drive the 3 minutes to Weed and crash out on the sand. I would spend all morning there, almost in seclusion, like it was my own private beach. By 11 a.m., families and nannies would start arriving, and by noon, it would begin to feel crowded, so I would pack up to leave. Time to start my day.

Here are some photos of my brothers and me having fun at the beach when we were little. A sure sign that summer had arrived.

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