Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Australian Love Letter

My parents, Nancy and Ed Ambrose, were married for 56 years before his death in March, 2009. I found this poem, handwritten on white lined paper inside a plain, white envelope, and sent by my father when he was in Australia a week before their 12th wedding anniversary. I have never known my father to write poetry, so I can't be sure he penned it, but the fact that he thought of her when he was on the other side of the world, and took the time to send this to her, is all that matters.


Fair and gentle, glowing and young,
So were you when we wed.
And casting off on glittering seas,
You were my love,
You were my life.

Patient ever, with child of own,
Toiling each long day.
And calming our ship in troubled waters,
You were my love,
You were my life.

More beautiful, than ever before,
Laughing, yelling, crying.
Nurturing us all, teaching, enfolding,
You are my love, 
You are my life.

Years pass swiftly, but not so fast,
That love cannot expand.
We shall live forever in each other's arms,
You are my love,
You are my life.

May 11, 1965

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  1. So Sweet !!! Warm Regards from the Netherlands ! I do love Australia so very much, cause 16 of my family is living over there now.... We are just with 5 now, from the ,,old,, family , here in this little peace of the world.....