Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Benefits of Blogging

I know of two people who just started blogs in the last month and they both feel a sense of gratification from being able to post anything they want to the site, regardless of who is actually reading it. So, I thought to myself, I could use a little of that. Why leave my sense of being purely to medication? This won't be a tell-all about my life or my feelings, but more of a chance to post stories and research on my family's history. I know, boring you say, if you're not part of the family. But trust me, there are some pretty interesting stories to tell. Most of it is ancient history of course. And like Twain, I'll arrange to have the most damaging musings published 100 years after my death. Enjoy my blog if you've stumbled on it accidentally. I'm the pudgy one in the middle.

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