Thursday, December 15, 2011

1966 Ambrose Christmas Letter

Written on December 14, 1966 

Sorry I’m doing this but time is getting short and I’ve got to get these cards mailed. I guess I am going to have to learn to write letters to keep in touch with you all since you never come to see us anymore. I’ll try to catch up with this one and write individually from now on. 

My Dad moved here in May. He was terribly despondent until then. He is still very lonely and sad but he has a new life here. He likes his apartment very much (ten minutes from here) and likes Stamford and the East. He’s been to New York several times and loves it. It’s a great relief for me to have him here – if a big responsibility. 

Ed has been around the world three times this year and still loves it (who wouldn’t?), especially since he makes sure he sees something new each time. This trip he has been away since Halloween – I expect him home this weekend. Besides his usual stays in Japan and India, he has been to Egypt and Chile. He saw the pyramids and went on a four day safari in India. I spend most of the time he’s on a trip in our car, as I’m sure you ladies must be spending your days, too.

Bobby (sixth grade) is vice-president of the Student Council, a position to which he was elected by vote of the whole school, following a campaign complete with posters and a speech before an assembly of all the students and teachers. He was captain of his Little League team last Spring. He is also in the chorus, a Boy Scout, and belongs to a science club that meets on weekends. 

Billy was also in Little League and is now taking trumpet lessons and is a Cub Scout. He is a math whiz and is being given advanced work that I can’t do. Billy is in fourth grade. 

Sarah (second grade) has ballet lessons and Brownies. She is quite talented in drawing and had a picture in the all-town art show. With it all they are doing very well in school, the boys especially. Hope this doesn’t sound too boastful, the they are asleep at the moment and I’m able to think of the good things. There are days when I think I’m cracking up – they’re always a step ahead of me. The excel away from home, I’m sure, because they’re looking for the approval they don’t get here. We mostly yell and fight with each other, especially when Ed’s away.

We now have two cats, one dog, two mice, one chipmunk, and a 35 foot sailboat. We are expecting a baby leopard in March – one of Ed’s friends in India is sending it to us. Our vacation was spent on the boat and, since I get scared walking down the dock to the boat because there’s water on either side, the trip was quite an introduction for me on the life of the sea. It’s a great family thing, though, which we need with Ed away so much. The kids enjoyed it – lots of fishing and swimming – and the boys proved to be good sailors and will improve each year. Ed was only able to race the boat once this year but did very well despite the lack of a spinnaker. Now that we have one he hopes to do a great deal more racing next year.

The children are in different schools. We were redistricted last year but they let Bobby finish where he was. This confuses things some – two PTAs, etc. I work in both school’s libraries which are run entirely by volunteer mothers. Becauss of this experience I have been appointed to the town building committee for the addition of a new library and science room at Bobby’s school, and that has been politically enlightening. I hope to someday do a Peyton Place on corrupt suburban government. Heaven knows these days I couldn’t do one on sex! I’m a room mother and active in the League of Women Voters. With Ed away so much I have to take what chances I can get to see adults, since nights are a great big bore.

Well, that’s spilling out the family news. I’d love to hear about each and every one of your children, and of course, about yourselves.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Amazing post..Really adorable kids.This article is probably the best Christmas blog so far.Also that santa picture is really cool.thank you very much for sharing.keep posting.