Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photo of the Day: Sibling Rivalry?

I don't know the story behind this photo, but I do love it. I would have guessed my parents weren't at home since the babysitter is in the picture, but I'm almost sure my father is behind the camera. Although I look like I just punched my brother Bill, I think that would've gotten more reaction than smiles and apparent boredom from Bob – although he's always been the calm one in the family. I do like how tough and sassy I look though, in my little, pink dress.


  1. you do look tough and sassy! ready to take on the world! love reading this....

    1. Thanks Sharon! I tried my hand at some Photoshop too because the background was so dark. Looks like there's an angel's halo around my brothers (not my intention!). Hope you're doing well.