Monday, June 4, 2012

House Histories: Warwick Road, Detroit

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a man named Hubert, whose family has lived in my grandparent's house in Detroit since 1985. He found me by reading my earlier post, A Rosedale Park Christmas, where I talked a little bit about North Rosedale Park and this house, which my grandfather sold after my grandmother died.

I've collected many photos of homes that my extended family has lived in over the last century, most of which have are not identified. I think many have been torn down, especially those that were located in the now-downtown area of Pittsburgh. I will be sharing these photos and stories randomly over the next few months.

I promised Hubert I would post more about his childhood home – and my mother's! – on Warwick. I found this real estate listing from the late 1960's when my grandfather sold the house. Don't you love the punch-out system and the listing number placed on the front lawn? (click to enlarge photos)


  1. Sarah,
    Did he ever let you know what he found in the walls of the house?

    1. No, Jeff. I'm hoping Hubert will comment!

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