Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Photo of the Day: Dragon Lady

Earlier I wrote about my grandmother, Sarah Louise Voegtly Ericke, having played the Queen in Goucher College's production of "The Dragon." As with the story about Camp Logan, if I wait to sort through all the family archives, scan and organize everything, and then write about it... well, I'd need a few more years at best. Let's consider this blog the draft version of the book I will never write. (And I promise that in the book everything will all be in order!) Here's an actual photo from the play, which I just happened to find in Goucher's 1922 yearbook, the Donnybrook Fair, while searching for something totally unrelated. My grandmother is the woman in the dark gown, looking indifferent to the woman who's on her knees, pleading with her. Check out that dragon!

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