Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Google Searches and a Hundred Posts

As those of you who have a website know, you can track statistics in almost every imaginable way through Google. I don't get an overwhelming amount of traffic, especially when compared to my brother's blog, Rhythm Connection. Though stats can't tell you who is looking at your blog, they can tell you the countries, states, and cities of the people who viewed your blog – if you wanted and had the time to review the information. Since this is my 100th post, and it's less then three months from my "Blogoversary" (yes, they really call it that), I thought I would share with you, my readers, what stat I find to be interesting: how people found my blog. Whether by accident or by design, I find it amazing that someone searching with some little nugget of text found deep within my 100 posts, Google would send them my link and they would enter my blog, Unshoveling The Past.

Since this is the end of the year, I also wanted to share with you some of the topics that I will try to cover in 2012. I have a few more stories in the Life In Botswana series, including my second trip to visit my parents. Also the new movie, War Horse, has made me feel guilty that I haven't shared any of my grandfather's World War I diary or stories. Carl O. Ericke put together an incredible war scrapbook which I will share with you over the course of the year. Research into the family tree is still ongoing, and I am hoping to post much more about my Norwegian ancestors as soon as I get confirmation on the photos from my Norwegian relatives. And if I can fulfill my scanning duties, I will start to post my father's photos and recollections of his many trips around the world. Peppered with a few more recent family tales and sagas, I hope to keep this blog interesting and informative.

I have learned a lot about my family and about the remarkable history and stories that have brought forth my generation. I am looking forward to continuing to learn and share more about my Norwegian, Swiss, and German ancestors.

I'd like to thank everyone who has visited my blog this year and found it engaging. I would also like to thank my family and friends who have encouraged me to continue writing, and a special thank you to those who have taken the time to write to me, either here, on Facebook, or by email. It means a lot to me that you have taken the time to send me your comments, and it inspires me to go on. If you haven't remarked on my blog, please do so, whether publicly or privately. I really enjoy the feedback.

Some of the Unshoveling the Past Google searches in 2011:

1700's family photos
1889 johnstown flood letters
1900 safari picture
1922 dodge brothers business coupe
1926 nash
1926 nash coupe
1966 calendar
1966 calendar may
1985 cape cod home
1990 bwast botswana
5 stages if grief wheel
80 year old dad dying of bladder cancer
african maid and white master
akc stud book
ambrose christmas mouse
american brake shoe
american brake shoe and abex
american brake shoe asbestos
american brake shoe co. mahwah, nj
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autographs saying happy birthday
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benedict medal
blues brothers car registration
bostwana garden photos
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botswana november
boy scout snow
breed papers
calendar 1953
calendar of a month in 1953
can i be buried in my marine corps dress blues
carbon lime
celebrity fingerprints images
chapter opener design
chicago high school fraternities
chrysler 1922
cinder block homes ghana
cinder block house
concrete front stoop designs how to build in cinder block
concrete slab house
creepy doll
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creepy pictures from past
death and dying care home pictures
delray michigan memoirs
dodge brothers fountain
draftsman postcard
edgartown fun
espresso love, ma
family life in botswana
flood in pennsylvania 1889
folk art canada ben ploughman
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friends in past life
funny friday images
funny letter from africa
gaborone dam + botswana
gaborone street
goodyears department store ann arbor michigan
google 3harf driver
grief wheel
guy fawkes day gaborone
happy it must be alright
hospice how helped my mother
hospice workers support group
how to extend existing roof concrete slab
how to price out antiques and artifacts
i am named after my grandpa
jeffrey dahmer
jeffrey dinardo on long island new york
johnstown fireworks on july third -2010 -4th -hotel –ohio
johnstown flood
Johnstown flood 1889 video
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journey of a young woman blogspot
kids playing baseball in street
la ink friends mom dies from bladder cancer
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marine blues uniform
marines 1946
marines magazine photos
mary a tomengo
may 1966 calendar
mother died of blader cancer after 2 months
my class tallest
my father was creepy
my mother's past by oscar ngo
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nicholas voegtly
norwegian immigrant family portraits
old family picture 1925 children
old texaco
old world letter
øyvind botswana
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past on death
picture of a deed
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pictures of jeffrey dinardo in new york new york
poems of remembrance written by hospice workers
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ran ran ruu
removal of restrictive covenant in darien
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safari 1988
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календар 1966


  1. I am always bitterly disappointed when my stats show that someone searched for names of my ancestors, read my blog post about them, and then failed to leave a comment! On a brighter note... If you want a good laugh, go to the We Tree Genealogy Blog and enter 'Fun with Search Terms' in the 'Search this blog' box. Amy's examples/responses are hilarious.