Sunday, July 24, 2011

A King George Welcome

My maternal grandfather, Carl O. Ericke, was an Army Corporal in the First World War. He kept an amazing military scrapbook that includes photos, found German letters and photos, propaganda, devalued currency, postcards, and much, much more. He also kept a journal while in battle on the Western front, which I have just begun to transcribe.

Carl also kept his high school letter jacket patches, important papers, letters, frat dance cards, Army razor set, WWI souvenirs and his Victory medal in a shoebox where he scrawled "All About Me – Dad" on the outside. I found this letter inside that shoebox. This letter was handed to every American soldier who landed in England to support the Allied forces. It is printed on Windsor Castle stationery.

Soldiers of the United States, the people of the British Isles welcome you on your way to take your stand beside the Armies of many Nations now fighting in the Old World the great battle for human freedom. The Allies will gain new heart & spirit in you company. I wish that I could shake the hand of each one of you & bid you God speed on your mission.
George R. I. 
His Majesty King George V
April 1918


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