Friday, July 8, 2011

Life in Botwana: Safari, December 1988

More excerpts from my parent's journal, Life in Botswana.

Safaris are really travel also, but since they are different we'll treat them separately. The first one we went on was four weeks after Nancy arrived, over Christmas, so that she would quickly realize that, yes, she's in Africa! The nearest game reserve is Mashatu, about 6 hours drive if we cross into South Africa and benefit from paved roads all the way. It's about 9 hours going through Botswana over secondary roads. Mashatu is a private reserve, organized very much like Kenya camps, with luxury accommodations and food, and two game drive vehicles which did an excellent job of locating animals. 

We arrived in time for lunch and then went on a drive about 4 o'clock. The first animals we saw were a cheetah and her four cubs. Then a number of elephant, an angry looking lioness and many impala. We stayed three nights, saw more elephant and lion, and eight lovely giraffe on the last drive. The temperature got up to 110° in the shade, and we were in the sun on the early morning and late afternoon drives.

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