Sunday, October 2, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Here is one of my first school craft projects which my mother kept in a box along with her photographs and keepsakes. Barely half of it could fit on the scanner at once so I had to do a little Photoshop to splice it together, and you still can't see all the slip-stitched edges, a different color on each side. This burlap needlepoint hung in our home for years, on the back of the basement door, making do as a grocery list. The white blob seen here held a note pad and the tree trunk a pencil, which was still there when I pulled it out of the box. 


  1. Very nice! For something like this that's big, you could just take a photo with a digicam. That might be easier, and if you light it well, would give you good resolution.

  2. Good idea Adam. I'll try that. I have a ruby glass mini mug of my grandfather's that he got at the Pan Am Expo in Buffalo in 1901 that I need to photograph too. Might need a better camera...