Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Life in Botswana: Safari, August 1991

More excerpts from my parent's journal: Life in Botswana. I just want to add that the little towhead (or maybe bald head would be a better description) pictured in this post is my niece Emily, who's currently spending a semester in Ghana – without her parents! How time flies.

Bill, Amy and Emily (then 10 months) arrived in August. We all drove to Zimbabwe, to Bulawayo and the Matopos National Park. We stayed and cooked in a Park chalet and were pestered by vervet monkeys. We saw many animals while driving, including zebra, impala, warthog, secretary birds, giraffes, rock dassie (hyrax), duiker, klipspringer, ostrich and wildebeest. Amy encountered baboon and sable and roan antelope while jogging in the morning. We had our first sighting of beautiful and rare black eagles, common only to this area.

We drove to Gwai River Lodge, close to Hwange, which is an old and quaint lodge. From there we drove the short distance to Hwange where we saw large numbers of giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, some elephant, sable antelope, big crocodiles, and a trace of a lion.

Victoria Falls had less water than we had ever seen, which allowed us to see the bottom of the gorge for the first time. Bill and Amy were able to walk to the end of the point without getting wet – another first!

At Chobe we saw hundreds of elephant, close up, and many other animals. We also loved the birds, including fish eagles, groups of storks, and hundreds of guinea fowl. Bill and Amy went on a small boat on the Chobe River and got very close to hippo. They saw more elephant and many birds. As we left the park to return home we saw 600 to 800 buffalo on the flood plain.

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